Thursday, January 5, 2017

Made Rupees 125 today in one trade.

Today I made Rs 120 in one equity trade.
I put my sense and knowledge to earn that. And also learned very valuable things for trading which I will write in my next post.
It was not a intra day it could have been a intraday but I had kept that stock since Monday. As I described in my earlier post I got the equities of Cipla as I knew from my study it's going to hit Rs 580 so I had purchase it for 571 and sold it to 580 so in total as I am doing online money earning experiment I just opted to buy 16 shares and traded them  so after paying all cuttings on earning my earning is more than a 100 bugs.
Well even I had not put money from my pocket I used the limit given to me by my operator or trader.

I will tel you how I predicted the stock is going to hit 580 mark one day in advance.
Which made me to purchase the stock at 571 when it was diving to its lower value and was on heavy drop. When I took that it went to 560 then I wanted for 4 day and it reached the desired mark.

If I would have sold the stock even after it was going down then I would have incurred loss but I studied in last one month how traders work and then opted to stay on and got Rs 100 in profit today.

If the amount invested would have been higher then the returns would have been higher one.

So I am going to explain how to I did earn even Rs 1 and even Rs 100000 and so
So stay connected.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Which equities are hot for tomorrow's trading

You need to do research on which stock should be bought and which should be sold.
Intraday treding is a type of treding in stock market where you buy a stock in any time of the day at low price and sell it when it's price goes up.
Book your 3 to 4 % increased profit and rest.
To do so first important thing one should have is a trading account. If you get it online on your mobile then it's great.
There are some good companies which provides online trading account with very little percent of the cost to account holder on a trade I have very less % age provided on my account by Sharekhan.
And their app too is good so it's just single click away it's fantastic.
I purchased stocks of Cipla and will retain till it goes to Rs 600 mark it's going to happen now with this stock so buy is the action for me for this stock.
Another very good enquiry to trade in is Sunpharma.
Sunpharma value of its stock went down after UDFDA observations called as 483 but it is very strong in domestic market. So buy it now and sell it when it goes to 10% higher it will happen in soon.
Sun pharma is a company that has good opportunity in domestic market.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Money making Strategy for tomorrow on online trading

It's very important to make a strategy for next days trading, focus on one stock do in-depth study.
Get idea about what would be the highest price in event of price increase and have an idea of what Will be the lowest price of a stock in event of fall in market.
Just few points around that lowest price mark buy the stock and sell it immediately for gain of 10 to 20% in intivestment done on same day.
For that reason one should have a target for tomorrow hunt for the low price hut stock and buy them and sell them in 10 % gain.
On same day.
There are many stocks today with low price hunt them and encash.

Facts on Cipla and Glenmark Equities.

Cipla the stock I was looking for today started at 583 and ended low at 568 this is called bullish activity.
Actually traders purchase stock at low price. Institutes sale happens and stock price goes down.
And then trades buy them and next day sale those by biding for high price.
Trading to encash the sentiments of fear that followed to sale.
But it's always good if you are long term investor not to look at these picks but look at average.
Look at the capabilities of the company to generate revenues.
Cipla has got approval to market hepatitis B drug in market in United states, its a big good news and company will make huge revenues. Cipla got final approval to market generic version drug entecavir is has an annual sale of $206 million in United states while Cipla is known to sale Medicine for very competitive prices where no other company can afford to do this. So it's going to be green for Cipla.
Stock prices are going to touch to 700 mark soon.
Looking at this I purchased 10 more Equities of Cipla while it's on low price.
And will sale when it will bounce to 600 to 650 till then will stock up the stocks more and more.
Same is case about Glenmark.
Glenmark started new business on 12th in US which opens up new opportunities fir generation of revenues for Glenmark.
But system of trading have brought it's stock price from 914 to 909 but it's going to hit 1050 mark soon.
So stock up cipla and Glenmark Equities  and wait for few days.
Today observed a very peculiar phenomenon that my guru who thought me how to make money online by trading in Equity and stock markets.
That market do not operate on facts rather it operate on sentiments and on threats and fears.
If you are sure shot sure that even after going down the price of the stock you hold today. The prices are going to rebound next day.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

How I made My Rs 500 in profit today

I made Rs 500 today in my one trade.
I choose to sale of stocks that I bought few days back, and book a profit of Rs 500.
Today's day was day for recovery of market after loss on Monday.
Sensex was low on Monday hence almost all stock prices went down.
While gaining it's momentum towards higher side. Few stock which were on loss on Monday regained it's prices.
Isn't this article look like written by an expert in Equity market or written by a guru in stock market.
But I am just 10 days old in experience in stock market.
But you know a reality of this field, is that its the result that's going to be what it makes a person successful in online money making in trading.
Almost all behave like novice in stock market. Very few can understand what's going to happen in next few hours. And this judgment make a man successful in stock market.
So I traded with very less risk bought stocks of value 8000 and sold for 8500 and again purchased stocks of value 8500 so in my investment in stock market is increased by Rs500.

Monday, December 12, 2016

My experience of making money online by tading

Today was my first day of second week in trading of equities, and it was fantastic, as predicted Glenmark shares were purchased by me for 876 and now it has hit tody to 924 further it is going to reach to 950 this month itself.
Made 500 bucks in this trade.

Second trade which I had predicted is of Cipla it was on 574 and midway hit to 584 and again dropped to 574, it will hit to 700 mark in few days so it's a hot stock.

I will tweet tomorrow after watching trend in market about which stock will work and yield good profit.

There are two stock I have studied and if u put some money in it u will make it a big profiting deal.