Sunday, June 11, 2017

Cadilla stock prices going to touch INR 1000 mark Make huge money from stock buy it now sale at 580 to 600

Cadilla healthcare stock prices will be touching height up mark of Rs 1800 to 2000 in coming 2 to 3 months, if not but surly by 6 months.
Today its stock is available for 535 to 541 in range, buy it for about 540 and keep it for 4 months return will be huge.
As it has touched the market value and business as equal to lupin and lupin has its stocks now available at INR 1160.6
Once it has touched INR 1700.

Why cadilla healthcare will attain such good value.
Because since last three months they are successfully got few medicines appeared by USFDA, market share of these drugs are huge, hence revenue of Cadilla healthcare is supposed to go much ahead, similar was situation of lupin and it reached to higher share price year before, now Cadilla is far ahead of any pharma company and it will attain good share price in coming one year, so its going to be good hunt now.

My friend knew these facts hence got these shares for 472 when news were published day before news were understood by people, on this my frind invested INR 80000 in these stocks purchased it for 472 and now its at 540 to 41, and made profit of about 12000 INR in these stocks.


Thursday, March 30, 2017

Home prices will increase after GST in India

Costs of new houses are expected increase after India implements GST.

As there will be tax on property which is yet to taken under possession, this will generate huge cost and this will be taken out from buyers pocket.
Vicious cycle will impact badly on housing prices.
Prices will go up at all sites, making it further difficult to own a house.
So it will be always good to buy a ready possession old house.
Instead to go on new construction.
This is our analysis of what it will impact.
Also it will affect on banking sector as home loan intrest rates should be brought down to facilitate buying of new houses, may affect banking sector revenue and profit.
It will affect negatively on housing industry.
Sales may go down.

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

How one can make huge money online on internet working from home online

How to make money online work at home how to get huge money on internet?

Methods for earning money on internet, various Ideas that work.
I came across a guy who get money working from home online with his laptop, he work at home just for few hours every day and earn $25000 every month, I was surprised and kept on asking him and finally he agreed to give all the information about how he make money online.
He thought me all his ideas, and I have written those Ideas here over this website.

All methods are given below. What you have to do is read this website carefully.
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How to make money on internet
Dream to make big Money online ?

Websites Ideas methods.
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There are many ways but all don't work for every one, even though  if you focus on few of important one it will pay you good monetary return, We have provided following few methods with which one can make money on internet with online business and highlighted one are important.
Following are Websites and programs:
1) Google Adsense. in this website we have provided information on how to sign up. ***
2) Google Adwords.
3) Google referal program for its own Google for bussiness.
5) Online advertising.
6) Selling your products online. (,,
7) Publishing books online. (
8) Affiliate Programs. ( ,, )
9) Online revenue sharing:

10) Selling Photo online ( )

11) Make money from your YouTube Video Make Video upload over You Tube you get money by participating in YouTube partner program.
12) Medical Transcription
13) Online Trading
14) Making money online from 
15) you can get online jobs through there you need to register yourself and you need mention your skills like writing copy writing online website publishing etc. With this website you get hourly paid or task oriented payments, one of my friend make $1000 a week.

There are some websites which allows sharing of revenue.
Revenue sharing is of two types.

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14) Writing news:

15) Writing content for others blog and website. Ghostwriter it’s like writing for other person, you will not get any credits but you will make money by writing blogs for others.
Where to find websites and blogs for writing job freelance writers job.?
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How to make money on internet from Video on You Tube:

Thursday, January 5, 2017

Made Rupees 125 today in one trade.

Today I made Rs 120 in one equity trade.
I put my sense and knowledge to earn that. And also learned very valuable things for trading which I will write in my next post.
It was not a intra day it could have been a intraday but I had kept that stock since Monday. As I described in my earlier post I got the equities of Cipla as I knew from my study it's going to hit Rs 580 so I had purchase it for 571 and sold it to 580 so in total as I am doing online money earning experiment I just opted to buy 16 shares and traded them  so after paying all cuttings on earning my earning is more than a 100 bugs.
Well even I had not put money from my pocket I used the limit given to me by my operator or trader.

I will tel you how I predicted the stock is going to hit 580 mark one day in advance.
Which made me to purchase the stock at 571 when it was diving to its lower value and was on heavy drop. When I took that it went to 560 then I wanted for 4 day and it reached the desired mark.

If I would have sold the stock even after it was going down then I would have incurred loss but I studied in last one month how traders work and then opted to stay on and got Rs 100 in profit today.

If the amount invested would have been higher then the returns would have been higher one.

So I am going to explain how to I did earn even Rs 1 and even Rs 100000 and so
So stay connected.

Monday, January 2, 2017

Which equities are hot for tomorrow's trading

You need to do research on which stock should be bought and which should be sold.
Intraday treding is a type of treding in stock market where you buy a stock in any time of the day at low price and sell it when it's price goes up.
Book your 3 to 4 % increased profit and rest.
To do so first important thing one should have is a trading account. If you get it online on your mobile then it's great.
There are some good companies which provides online trading account with very little percent of the cost to account holder on a trade I have very less % age provided on my account by Sharekhan.
And their app too is good so it's just single click away it's fantastic.
I purchased stocks of Cipla and will retain till it goes to Rs 600 mark it's going to happen now with this stock so buy is the action for me for this stock.
Another very good enquiry to trade in is Sunpharma.
Sunpharma value of its stock went down after UDFDA observations called as 483 but it is very strong in domestic market. So buy it now and sell it when it goes to 10% higher it will happen in soon.
Sun pharma is a company that has good opportunity in domestic market.

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Money making Strategy for tomorrow on online trading

It's very important to make a strategy for next days trading, focus on one stock do in-depth study.
Get idea about what would be the highest price in event of price increase and have an idea of what Will be the lowest price of a stock in event of fall in market.
Just few points around that lowest price mark buy the stock and sell it immediately for gain of 10 to 20% in intivestment done on same day.
For that reason one should have a target for tomorrow hunt for the low price hut stock and buy them and sell them in 10 % gain.
On same day.
There are many stocks today with low price hunt them and encash.