Thursday, January 5, 2017

Made Rupees 125 today in one trade.

Today I made Rs 120 in one equity trade.
I put my sense and knowledge to earn that. And also learned very valuable things for trading which I will write in my next post.
It was not a intra day it could have been a intraday but I had kept that stock since Monday. As I described in my earlier post I got the equities of Cipla as I knew from my study it's going to hit Rs 580 so I had purchase it for 571 and sold it to 580 so in total as I am doing online money earning experiment I just opted to buy 16 shares and traded them  so after paying all cuttings on earning my earning is more than a 100 bugs.
Well even I had not put money from my pocket I used the limit given to me by my operator or trader.

I will tel you how I predicted the stock is going to hit 580 mark one day in advance.
Which made me to purchase the stock at 571 when it was diving to its lower value and was on heavy drop. When I took that it went to 560 then I wanted for 4 day and it reached the desired mark.

If I would have sold the stock even after it was going down then I would have incurred loss but I studied in last one month how traders work and then opted to stay on and got Rs 100 in profit today.

If the amount invested would have been higher then the returns would have been higher one.

So I am going to explain how to I did earn even Rs 1 and even Rs 100000 and so
So stay connected.

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