Monday, January 2, 2017

Which equities are hot for tomorrow's trading

You need to do research on which stock should be bought and which should be sold.
Intraday treding is a type of treding in stock market where you buy a stock in any time of the day at low price and sell it when it's price goes up.
Book your 3 to 4 % increased profit and rest.
To do so first important thing one should have is a trading account. If you get it online on your mobile then it's great.
There are some good companies which provides online trading account with very little percent of the cost to account holder on a trade I have very less % age provided on my account by Sharekhan.
And their app too is good so it's just single click away it's fantastic.
I purchased stocks of Cipla and will retain till it goes to Rs 600 mark it's going to happen now with this stock so buy is the action for me for this stock.
Another very good enquiry to trade in is Sunpharma.
Sunpharma value of its stock went down after UDFDA observations called as 483 but it is very strong in domestic market. So buy it now and sell it when it goes to 10% higher it will happen in soon.
Sun pharma is a company that has good opportunity in domestic market.

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